Trick or treat? Be so sweet! Add some spooky sweets and make your Halloween collection special.


Stand out with delicious Halloween lollipops and Halloween toys and let kids enjoy the most frightening Halloween night!


  • We manufacture Halloween inspired marshmallow lollipops with soft texture and mega lollies with fruity treats inside!
  • Halloween themed Flipperz give limitless game ideas during the spookiest Halloween period.
  • Designed with passion, our high-quality novelty toys and confectionery products are meant to keep kids amazed.

Flip & Spin action

full collection!

Flip open!

1 free figure per display

10g Jelly Candies

Useful Information about Halloween Products


Halloween Marshmallow Lollipop

Item Code: 46102

Units per Display: 12

  • Flavor: Strawberry
  • Weight: 45g

Halloween Flipperz

Item Code: 46205

Units per Display: 24

Each Lucky Bag Contains:

  • 1 Flipperz figure
  • 10g Jelly Candies
  • Collection Paper

Halloween Mega Lollipop

Item Code: 46503

Units per Display: 30

  • contains 15 lollipops
  • Flavor: strawberry, orange & blueberry

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