Fast Food Mallow

We are proud to present the must-sizes of real fast food mallows!

This is what kids deserve when they ask for marshmallow burgers!

Fast Food Mallow - Marshmallow For Kids


  • A real marshmallow burger can’t be smaller! 50g mallow burger, strawberry flavored is the perfect delight!
  • The layers of this mallow burger can be separated and rearranged!
  • Slice of lettuce, beef fillet and cheese are the “fun” sweet for young and old!
Mallow Burger - Marshmallow for kids

Strawberry flavor


50g weighted

Mallow Burger - marshmallow candy in burger shape

3 slices inside!

Mallow Burger - Marshmallow for kids

Useful Information about Fast Food Mallows


Yammiez Mallow Burger

Item Code: 46110

Units per Display: 12

  • Weight: 50g
  • Flavor: Strawberry

Yammiez Mallow Burger Floor Stand

Item Code: 46110F

Units per Display: 100

  • Dimensions; H110cm, L50cm, W48.5cm.

360° view


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