Christmas cheer is everywhere, even in our candy toys and confectionery products!

Make Christmas even more magical for kids with seasonal products!


  • We all love Christmas and we manufacture Christmas themed products for kids!

  • Christmas marshmallow lollipops, candy lollipops, Flipperz and Advent Calendars with famous characters spread the joy to every kid!

  • Designed with passion, our high quality toys and confectionery products are the ultimate sweet addition to the Christmas period!
Xmas Flipperz novelties

Flip & Spin action

full collection!
Christmas flipperz - candy toys for kids

Christmas Flipperz figures - novelty wholesale

Flip open!

1 free figure per display

10g Jelly Candies

Useful Information about Christmas Products


X-mas Marshmallow Lollipops

Item Code: 46101

Units per Display: 12

  • Flavor: Strawberry
  • Weight: 45g

X-mas Flipperz

Item Code: 46204

Units per Display: 24

Each Lucky Bag Contains:

  • 1 Flipperz figure
  • 10g Jelly Candies
  • Collection Paper

Xmas Mega Lollipop

Item Code: 46501

Units per Display: 30

  • contains 15 lollipops
  • Flavor: strawberry, orange & raspberry

Spongebob Advent Calendar

Item Code: 55903

Units per Display: 12

  • Chocolates: 75g

My Little Pony Advent Calendar

Item Code: 63903

Units per Display: 12

  • Chocolates: 75g

Paw Patrol Candy Canes

Item Code: 64601

Units per Display: 24

  • 60g lollipops
  • Contains figures at the back side for DIY crafts!
  • Flavor: strawberry & raspberry

Paw Patrol Advent Calendar

Item Code: 64903

Units per Display: 12

  • Chocolates: 75g

Peppa Pig Advent Calendar

Item Code: 68903

Units per Display: 12

  • Chocolates: 75g

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