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Discover an enormous variety of high quality candy toys and confectionery products branded with the most famous characters.

We aim to excite you and your young customers with our innovative products!

Surprise your little customers’ senses with wafer, praline and colored dragees in the most pleasant combination!

As apealing to the eye as to the tongue, our chocolate lollipops guarantee to make anyone smile!

What your little customers deserve from a yummy burger – shaped mallow is definitely here! 

big-size marshmallow burger candy for kids

A large selection of mega size,
strawberry flavored marshmallow lollies is here!

Lipstick, lip-gloss or tongue paint lollipops? The multi-flavored range is amazing!

High quality drinking cups with 3D figures and flexible straw with lid!

Nothing can stay hot with our fantastic ventilators with 3D figures!

Forget the boring eggs! With delicious jelly beans, 1 toy and 4 stickers, no egg could be a more amazing surprise for kids!

What could be better than offering unlimited games to play? Authentic Flipperz with flip & spin action!

Waterphones with catching backgrounds for unstoppable gaming everywhere keep everyone happy!

Official Spinnerz with magnetic and spin action offer limitless game concepts for kids! They spark the imagination!

Indulge your little customers with the ultimate gift pack! With surprise egg, sticker, candies and 3D figure inside!

Drinking bottles with easy-grip handles are perfect for little hands and ensure no leaks or spills!

Led Viewers with attractive projection images of the most famous characters make kids love the dark!

There is one piece of chocolate for each day until Christmas in the most “delicious” calendars!

Holiday magic with festive Flipperz, Christmas lollipops, licensed advent calendars and more!

Xmas Novelty Toys - wholesale product catalogue

Relkon branded Floor Displays suitable for Relkon Toys.

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