Since 2006 Relkon is a licensee of many well known companies and brands from all over the world. Every year we develop and launch new products based on concepts our RnD team is working on.

In 2016 CEO of Relkon Hellas has thought over a new concept of collectable figurines related to Football. Inspiration of the concept was the vision of creating a product related to sports that would combine sweets, collectability, surprise and fan to play.

In 2017 Relkon Hellas approached FIFA and presented the concept for the upcoming World Cup Russia 2018. This was the start of an amazing journey into sports. In 2017 Relkon Hellas has also approached FCBarcelona and presented a version of concept dedicated to the most popular Football Club of the planet. The heritage of FIFA World Cup brand along with all the up and coming licenses associated with Sports have elevated Relkon Hellas to one of the top selling Sport confectionery products in Europe.


All the toys and also the collection concept are covered by a numerous of Patents in USA, Europe, Africa, Japan, Korea, China.

All the products are one-of-a-kind and have been designed and developed from scratch from Relkon design team.


Our mission is to create products that combine great taste, collectability and nice toys hidden in each product.

Each license has a variety of collectable toys, so both children and parents can collect them.

All our toys are tested according to EU legislation by accredited 3rd party laboratories.

Fun to Play





No Artificial colors