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Custom Products

Over the past 25+ years, Relkon Hellas has grown to become one of the industry’s leading and most trusted providers in the management of licensed toys & confectionery products.

From super markets and toy retailers to food chains and specialty stores, private label and custom products are renowned for its unique design, ingenuity and extensive selection of high-quality.

Our Solution

Regardless of whether you’re new to private labeling or just looking to expand your line, we offer you a vast selection of high-demand private label or custom products always tailored to the customer’s needs.

Given the opportunity to let your own customers benefit from products developed especially for your company under private label.

Why choose a private label?

  • Work with customised licensed products that are optimised for your industry;

  • Reduce your costs and reap the commercial benefits;

  • Meet all the product standards;

  • Seize new business opportunities;

  • Strengthen your brand and visibility;

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